Today Jim Piper welcomes a very, special guest to the show… Ryan Hawk!  Ryan is a writer, advisor, entrepreneur and host of the hugely successful podcast “The Learning Leader Show“.  His second book “The Pursuit of Excellence” is a must-have resource for anyone who is serious about learning and improving their leadership skills.

Ryan tells Jim that his motivation for starting his podcast (which now has over 500 episodes) was to create his own leadership PHD program.  A program filled with wise, successful leaders willing to share their hard earned knowledge for free!  Along the way his business grew into other areas organically without any grand plans.  Opportunities presented themselves after a lot of hard work stacking up good, productive days focused on his core values.  Ryan also talks about growing up and living a very “sports centered” life.  A path that lead him to coaches and trainers that shaped the man he is today.  There’s a great story involving a very famous NFL quarterback and how competing with him in college lead to an important life lesson.  This barely scratches the surface of the massive amount of information to be found in this episode of “The Today Counts Show”.  Don’t miss it!

You can find out more about Ryan Hawk, his podcast, his books and his coaching and speaking services at:

Together, we can invest in great leaders. You can make a difference!


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