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My story of coaching began as a highly dedicated and successful coach in youth athletics, then I began dedicating myself to those who worked with me during my banking years which spilled over into coaching a number of business clients.

It was in my mid-forties when I did the crazy thing. As much as I had enjoyed my work as a banker, youth coach, and a pastor – it was time for me to do what I was made to do. I was made to start my own organization to serve leaders.

Today, we have a leadership development process that has proven to be effective. We are constantly building a community of leaders through our online community. We provide leadership coaching through keynotes, workshops, and coaching groups – virtual or in-person. We love what we do and we would be honored to hear your story.

What Lead Today is all about

Leadership Development

Our passion is to see you accomplish your goals while serving the world around you. Together, we will engage in a proprietary process of discovery, alignment, and application with the chief aim of increasing your likelihood of greater achievement and contribution.

Personal Growth

You will grow personally, relationally, spiritually, and professionally.

The Lead Today Community is designed for men and women like you seeking a life of effectiveness, purpose, and virtue.

We serve you by helping you build your unique life purpose, meaning, and significance. Your dynamic tipping point will be in the alignment of your strengths and values with your opportunities. We will help you build your unique personal, professional and team playbooks!

Your playbook is a dynamic one-page tool that injects life and effectiveness into everything you do!

In short, we are in the business of shaping the character (belief and behavior) of the leaders, teams, and organizations that form our communities. You can participate in your process through personal one-to-one coaching, online courses, group coaching, or workshops.

Ask us how our process can meet you along your journey. You’ll be glad you did!

How We Operate


We do more than what is expected. We do things right… and then some because our primary objective is to serve.


We focus on strengths. People are capable of great things and teams are capable of even greater things.


We guide participants through a process of self-awareness, self-leadership, leadership, and organizational health resulting in a dynamic playbook.


As a not-for-profit organization, we seek support (financial, volunteer, networking, resources) from the communities we serve.


We conscientiously invest the resources entrusted to us for the betterment of those we serve.

Purpose & Vision

We exist to serve learners and leaders in their personal and professional development.

We create content, experiences, and processes that serve learners and leaders in their personal, professional, and organizational development. Our offerings are designed to add lasting value to the body, mind, and soul of every individual, team, and organization.

Our Philosophy

We believe character is virtue in action; it describes the whole of a person or organization.

We believe character can be defined, measured, and developed.

We believe the development of leadership character within the person and organization should be a positive, practical, and profitable process.

The motivation that drives our purpose comes from both positive and negative emotions and experiences. The negative arises from the effects of poor or immoral leadership. The positive arises from the effects, needs, and experiences of moral leadership.

Foundation & Framework

The framework will be built upon the foundation of a community of leaders who support, live, and promote the purpose and vision of Lead Today. This community will be known as the Lead Today Community. Each member will embrace the Lead Today Charter of principles and practices while financially contributing to the movement and organization. The community is the internal strength of the organization serving as a network of like-minded leaders, a talent pool for our services, and candidates for advisory board, staff, and director positions.

The framework, built upon the foundation of the Lead Today Community will offer three layers of leadership development: Keynote Presentations, Leadership Development Programs, and Executive Coaching.

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The Lead Today Community exists to raise up ambassadors for Christ in every sector of society equipping them with a biblical worldview for life and leadership.

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