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Hi, I’m Jim Piper

Founder of the Lead Today Community and Advisor and Friend to Leaders. We are a faith-based community of learners and leaders growing in self-examination, personal leadership, and the healthy and effective practices of leading others.

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Need a keynote speaker for your next team meeting, community gathering, or training session?

Looking for more inspiration? I’d love to speak to your group (in-person or virtual)! Contact me to discuss your specific needs and desired outcomes. Send an email at jim@leadtodaycommunity.com.

Strengthen the Cornerstones of your Spiritual Foundation by understanding

The 4 Essentials of Christian Living is a book designed to clearly define the Christian lifestyle.

In every discipline of life there are essentials and fundamentals for growth. This is also true in our Christian walk. The basics must be known and practiced so the faith we express comes from a solid perspective. This book gives both new and established believers the foundation for knowing Christ, following Christ, becoming like Christ and reproducing Christ in others. This is an ideal title for a church to present to new members or for use in study groups.

This book is an enjoyable read for private devotions and an excellent choice for small groups. The book is divided into four sections and each section includes twelve short readings concluding with questions and points to ponder.


Relationships Matter

Our community of relationships includes leaders from the following organizations:

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Our community provides a free leadership kit that includes:

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