Episode 102: Stop The Tall Man, Save The Tiger – Peter Young

This episode of the Today Counts Show is really fascinating and sad at the same time. Jim welcomes Peter Young to the podcast. Peter played college basketball at George Washington University and briefly coached basketball before embarking on a career as a sports broadcaster. He is the author of two books, “The Blue Team” and “Stop The Tall Man, Save The Tiger“. That “micro” bio sounds normal and to most of Peter’s friends and co-workers, his life with his wife and five children was normal. However, it was anything but normal. Jim and Peter discuss Peter’s book, “Stop The Tall Man, Save The Tiger”. The book is not fiction it is a memoir. It is the story of his journey in and out of a cult. Even more bizarre is the cult itself. A small family cult led by the strange and ultimately manipulative Uncle Robert (of no actual family

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Impacts of beliefs on life

Episode 101: What Do You Believe?

Today’s episode is a one-on-one session with you and Jim. The topic is, what do you believe? At first glance, you might think this podcast is all about faith and religion. Well, you would be partially right but the concept is much broader as we look at the impacts of beliefs on life. Jim directs the question to your work life and your home life, as well as, your faith. At work do you believe in the competency of your leaders, the direction of your company, and the way operations are run? At home do you believe in the importance of family, and having a good marriage? All of those things may be influenced by your faith. Is faith the most important question about belief? It’s all connected and determines your behavior, your decisions, your priorities. Definitely a question worth thinking about! Join the Lead Today Community and get our Monday

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Healthy Leadership for Thriving Organizations

100th Episode: Healthy Leadership for Thriving Organizations with Justin Irving

This is a very special episode of the Today Counts Show. Today Jim Piper celebrates his milestone 100th podcast! It’s a big commitment to consistently produce a weekly podcast and stick with it long enough to reach 100 episodes. About 44% percent of podcasters never get past 3 episodes and only about 4 % produce a weekly podcast! If you listen to this podcast, know Jim, or have ever met Jim, the fact that he has reached “overachiever” status is no surprise. Jim welcomes Justin Irving back for this 100th episode of the Today Counts Show to talk about some of the ideas in Justin’s latest book, “Healthy Leadership for Thriving Organizations“. Over 200 executive leaders were surveyed as part of the research for this book. This provided real-world data about the challenges and priorities of today’s leaders. While many concepts of leadership are evergreen and as applicable now as they were 20 or

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learning to love who I am

Episode 99: Learning to Love Who I Am – Allison Eide

, Today Jim is joined by co-host Chase Stinson (his assistant producer). Together they welcome Allison Eide to the Today Counts Show. Allison is an amazing, up-and-coming Christian artist who is not afraid to write songs about the struggles of real life. Her song “Love Who I Am” went viral and reached over a million people in just a few weeks! Allison has a heart for people who struggle with mental illness and hopes to use her music to help lift them out of isolation. She shares stories about how she started her music career performing with her dad Peder Eide (a nationally known songwriter and worship artist for 25+ years) and how she put her music career on hold for four years while she played college basketball. Allison also talks about her own struggles with mental illness and how debilitating it can be to deal with intrusive thoughts that

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When God Seems Gone

Episode 98: When God Seems Gone with Adam Mabry

Jim Piper continues his theme of bringing in new people to share their knowledge and wisdom with the Today Counts Show family. Today’s guest is Adam Mabry. Adam is a scholar, teacher, author, pastor, and church planter, just to name of few of his many skills and talents! Adam is the founding Senior Pastor of Aletheia Church in Boston, MA — a multi-site, diverse church passionately committed to bringing the truth, grace, and the changing power of the Gospel for the glory of God and the good of all people. Jim and Adam talk about Aletheia Church as well as Adam’s new book, “When God Seems Gone“. Adam shares that he wrote the book because of his own struggles with the pain of knowing that God is always there but at times not feeling his presence. Feeling as though there’s no connection. With all of the constant, never-ending distractions of our

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healthy relationships

Episode 97: Healthy Relationships – Blake Coffee

Blake Coffee is Jim’s guest on this episode of the Today Counts Show all about healthy relationships. Blake is the founder and Executive Director of One Another Project. One Another Project aims to be an organization where people, families, churches, and entire communities discover pathways to healing, togetherness, and peace in a fractured world. Blake Coffee is also an attorney/mediator and author. Jim and Blake discuss the importance of relationships in all aspects of life. Your personal life, church life and business life all work better with good relationships. It’s the foundation of trust and hope. If you are a leader who wants to learn more about developing good relationships, Blake offers a program called “Five Conversations” for free that will guide you through the process! This is a full program supported with videos and written guides designed for small group meetings. As Blake describes it, building relationships is an

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