Episode 108: Helping Families Get Back Together with Damon Nailer

Episode 108: Helping Families Get Back Together with Damon Nailer Jim’s guest on this episode of the Today Counts Show is Damon Nailer. Damon is the Family Resource Center Program Director for the Children’s Coalition for Northeast Louisiana. The organization is located in Monroe, Louisiana and offers many community services ranging from Early Head Start programs and teacher training to Parenting Education for individuals and groups. Damon works with families that have lost custody of their child, or children, and connects them with the resources they need to work towards putting their families back together.  This may involve first helping a parent get through a substance abuse program or providing mental healthcare services. Most importantly, Damon teaches and coaches these parents, especially fathers, about parenting. Unfortunately, many of these parents grew up in broken families so they did not have a model to reference the role of a parent in

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Rethinking and transforming education with Angie Taylor

Episode 107: Re-Thinking Education with Angie Taylor

Episode 107: Re-Thinking & Transforming Education with Angie Taylor Angie Taylor started what would become Valor Global Foundation by holding what she thought would be a small meeting with about 10 parents to talk about her vision of a new model for educating our children. It turned into a meeting with about 300 people, many of whom paid deposits that night to enroll their children in a school that did not exist yet! That is the power of laying out a clear vision and the way forward to achieve that vision. Valor Global Foundation now has several brick-and-mortar schools in the US, several international campus locations, and an online school. Jim and Angie spend an hour or so talking about Angie’s background and experience, the things that are wrong with the current education model, and what motivated her to leave her job and start the foundation. She explains how the Standardized Testing

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Spiritual and Strategic Leadership

Episode 106: Leadership – Spiritual & Strategic with Ken Cochrum

Episode 106: Leadership – Spiritual & Strategic with Ken Cochrum Jim’s guest on this episode of the Today Counts Show is Ken Cochrum. Ken is the Executive Vice President of Field Ministries at East-West. The first words you see on the homepage are, “Shining God’s light into the spiritually darkest places of the world”. The mission of East-West is to mobilize the Body of Christ to evangelize the lost and equip local believers to multiply disciples and churches among the unreached. East-West deploys teams of missionaries and works with national partners in 44 countries across 10 major world regions. In his role at East-West Ken works with hundreds of staff and strategic global partners as well as, thousands of volunteers. Biblical, Generational, and Adaptive Leadership Ken and Jim have a great discussion that keeps coming back to how some of the finest examples of leadership theory and methods can be found in the bible. After

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branding strategies with Kyle Duford

Episode 105: Branding, Leading New Generations, and Rediscovering God and Love with Kyle Duford

Episode 105: Branding, Leading New Generations, and Rediscovering God and Love with Kyle Duford The Today Counts Show is about a lot of things. Leadership, faith, and knowing your purpose, just to name a few. Today’s podcast, with guest Kyle Duford, covers a lot of ground in under an hour. Kyle is President and ECD of The Brand Leader, a branding, strategy, and advertising firm with a national and international footprint. He is also a public speaker and author of the book “Twice Found“. Branding Strategies with Kyle Duford Kyle teaches Jim, and all of us, about some of the terminology used in branding. Is your company culture part of your brand? Is marketing the same as advertising? Kyle presents a mental exercise for everyone to prove the power of a well-established brand. Can you imagine what it would look like, or be like if Nike started an airline? As

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Biblical Responsible Investing

Episode 104: Biblical Responsible Investing with Darryl Lyons

Episode 104: Biblical Responsible Investing with Darryl Lyons Are you concerned about where your money is invested? Does it matter to you if a company you have invested in is supporting social and political agendas that don’t line up with your personal values? Darryl Lyons, Jim’s guest today, is an expert in the field of financial planning and investing. More specifically, he is an expert in investing from a Christian worldview. Darryl is co-founder and CEO of Pax Financial Group in San Antonio, TX. He is also an author. His most recent book is titled, “Biblical Responsible Investing”. Jim and Darryl discuss many areas of personal finances and how important it is to have a strategy for your financial future. They talk about the difference between retirement and “pivoting”, they talk about alternatives to traditional health insurance, and they talk about figuring out how much is enough money for your

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Christian perspective on AI

Episode 103: Jesus Follower, Organic Human with Titus Blair

Episode 103: Jesus Follower, Organic Human with Titus Blair: Christian Perspective on AI This podcast is certified organic human. No AI was used in the recording or editing of this show. As funny as that declaration may sound, according to Titus Blair this might be a requirement in the future to verify you are hearing and/or seeing real humans that are not AI-generated! On this episode of the Today Counts Show Jim discusses the current state of AI and where it seems to be headed in the future. His expert guest on the subject is Titus Blair. Titus is, first and foremost, a Jesus follower who wants to spread the Good News to the world. He is also a serial entrepreneur who has started many successful companies and is the author of the book, “AI to the Rescue“. Some of the information Titus brings to the discussion about the possible

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