The topic for today’s show is a tricky one. Leadership: Conflicts and difficult conversations.  Probably an area most people would rather not think about but if you are a leader, there are many skills you must learn and this one is crucial.

Jim’s guest today is here to teach her proven methods.  Heather Celaya is an executive pastor at a large, multi-campus church in San Antonio, TX.  The process she uses there to manage a diverse staff across multiple areas is based on four simple guiding principles:

1.  Set clear expectations
2.  Give consistent feedback
3.  Be willing to receive feedback
4.  Address conflict quickly

That sounds easy enough, right?  Not so much.  As Heather will tell you, “people are messy”.  Establishing clear expectations is required but not always understood by both parties,  feedback is a great way to affirm and praise a job well done but not all feedback you need to deliver is positive.  How do you approach that in a way that doesn’t sound like a criticism?  Are you really receptive to feedback from all sides?  The people under your leadership and above you?  And that brings us to the big, big elephant in the room… addressing conflict between staff members.  Or, maybe between you and a staff member!  How do you take on these very tricky situations without collecting resignation letters as the final resolution.  That is what Jim Piper and Heather Celaya are discussing today.  Practical, necessary leadership skills!

Podcast Transcript: Episode 81: Leadership – Conflicts and Difficult Conversations: Heather Celaya

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