Today Jim brings another fantastic guest to the Today Count’s Show.  Cameron Davies is a serial entrepreneur.  He is the founder and CEO of Cruising Kitchens, founder and CEO of Davies Entertainment, and also creator of the Built For Business TV series.  That is really just a surface-level description of Cameron’s business activities!  He is also a proud family man and a man of faith.

The idea that eventually led Cameron to start Cruising Kitchens was simple; build an outdoor food court for food trucks to lease space.  That concept was hugely successful and very educational.  Through the operation of the food court business, Cameron observed that many of the food trucks were poorly constructed and not properly equipped to operate as mobile kitchens.  That is when he decided he could build them better and the rest, as they say, is history.  So now, Cruising Kitchens is by far the largest builder of custom food trucks and mobile kitchens.  We’re not talking about any old “run-of-mill” food truck here.  They have built some of the largest, most creative, unique mobile kitchens in the world, and lots of them!

This conversation between Jim and Cameron covers a lot of ground including a few very unexpected twists and turns.  By the end, you’ll know that Cameron is a husband, a father, a believer, and a fighter who works hard to make the lives of his employees and those around him better.

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Podcast Transcript: Episode 80: Family, Faith and Cruising Kitchens: Cameron Davies

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