Episode 110: Real Men Connect With Dr. Joe Martin – Empowering Men and Redefining Masculinity

Jim Piper welcomes Dr. Joe Martin to the Today Counts Show. Dr. Joe Martin is the founder of Real Men Connect. The goal of Real Men Connect is to help GOOD men become GREAT men, in God’s way. “Dr. Joe” has a contagious passion for helping men become great men.

Jim and Dr. Joe are kindred spirits in their belief that strong, masculine men are needed more than ever in today’s world. Many societal problems can be traced back to the lack of a positive, male role model in the lives of children. That factor alone can have a long-term, negative impact on a child’s life. Dr. Joe was able to overcome his difficult, sometimes tragic, childhood but only after a roller coaster ride of success and failure as an adult. By sharing his personal failures he is able to connect with fathers who are struggling to become better men. Jim and Dr. Joe both emphasize the importance of having mentors in your life. At least one mentor, if not multiple mentors, will help guide and educate you in different areas of your life.

A Look into Men’s Identity: The 5 “-ations”

Dr. Joe also teaches that many, if not most, men have or will have an identity problem. This is because most men base their identity on what they do. Dr. Joe describes this as the “ations”. For example, your occup-“ation”,  your compens-“ation”, your intimid-“ation”, etc.  These are all faulty assumptions because there are more important things in life on which men should base their identity. Things like relationships, maturity, and purpose, just to name a few. The message is clear: it’s not about accolades or achievements; it’s about being present, taking responsibility, and being a rock for your family.

You can find out more about Dr. Joe Martin and Real Men Connect by visiting RealMenConnect.com. All of Dr. Joe Martin’s books are also available on the website and if his message resonates with you, a personal “Breakthrough Call” can be scheduled with Dr. Joe himself.

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Podcast Transcript: Episode 110: Real Men Connect With Dr. Joe Martin – Empowering Men and Redefining Masculinity

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