Episode 108: Children’s Coalition – Helping Families Get Back Together with Damon Nailer

Jim’s guest on this episode of the Today Counts Show is Damon Nailer. Damon is the Family Resource Center Program Director for the Children’s Coalition for Northeast Louisiana. The organization is located in Monroe, Louisiana, and offers many community services ranging from Early Head Start programs and teacher training to Parenting Education for individuals and groups. Damon works with families that have lost custody of their child, or children, and connects them with the resources they need to work towards putting their families back together.  This may involve first helping a parent get through a substance abuse program or providing mental healthcare services.

Most importantly, Damon teaches and coaches these parents, especially fathers, about parenting. Unfortunately, many of these parents grew up in broken families so they did not have a model to reference the role of a parent in a child’s life. Damon also grew up in a fatherless home. That is what drives him to educate and break the cycle of broken families.  It is important work.

Communication Strategies

Jim and Damon also take on the topic of communication. Damon shares a great, common-sense tip on communicating with people. “Commonalities connect but differences divide”. Work on training yourself to first look for things you have in common with someone instead of what is different. It is a simple concept but one that could really change how you approach communication.

Jim and Damon spend a lot of time on communication and how decisions concerning how much information to share can affect person communication, business communication and even media communication.  Media communication and the public trust, or the lack thereof, sparks a whole discussion in itself!

You can find Damon Nailer on LinkedIn at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/damon-nailer-78932b17

Find out more about Children’s Coalition for Northeast Louisiana and how you can support their mission at:  https://www.childrenscoalition.org/

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Podcast Transcript: Episode 108: Children’s Coalition – Helping Families Get Back Together with Damon Nailer

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