Episode 107: Re-Thinking & Transforming Education with Angie Taylor

Angie Taylor started what would become Valor Global Foundation by holding what she thought would be a small meeting with about 10 parents to talk about her vision of a new model for educating our children. It turned into a meeting with about 300 people, many of whom paid deposits that night to enroll their children in a school that did not exist yet! That is the power of laying out a clear vision and the way forward to achieve that vision. Valor Global Foundation now has several brick-and-mortar schools in the US, several international campus locations, and an online school.

Jim and Angie spend an hour or so talking about Angie’s background and experience, the things that are wrong with the current education model, and what motivated her to leave her job and start the foundation. She explains how the Standardized Testing Industry and the emphasis on test scores are driving a system that is not teaching our children to think, to be creative, or to understand the connection between what they are learning and how it applies to the real world. Angie knew there was a better way. There is so much information presented in this podcast that these show notes could become a textbook! But who wants to read pages of notes when you can get the information straight from the source.

The Way of Valor

Speaking of books, Angie Taylor has written a book titled, “The Way of Valor” that’s all about the new movement in education. Most agree the current system is broken. This book lays out a new way forward that better educates and prepares children for the real world and life as a productive, responsible adult. The book is available on Amazon.

You can reach Angie Taylor on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/angie-taylor-7a213712a
or through the Valor Global Foundation website: https://valorglobalfoundation.org/

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Podcast Transcript:  Episode 107: Re-thinking and Transforming Education with Angie Taylor

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