Episode 106: Leadership – Spiritual & Strategic with Ken Cochrum

Jim’s guest on this episode of the Today Counts Show is Ken Cochrum. Ken is the Executive Vice President of Field Ministries at East-West. The first words you see on the EastWest.org homepage are, “Shining God’s light into the spiritually darkest places of the world”. The mission of East-West is to mobilize the Body of Christ to evangelize the lost and equip local believers to multiply disciples and churches among the unreached. East-West deploys teams of missionaries and works with national partners in 44 countries across 10 major world regions. In his role at East-West Ken works with hundreds of staff and strategic global partners as well as, thousands of volunteers.

Biblical, Generational, and Adaptive Leadership

Ken and Jim have a great discussion that keeps coming back to how some of the finest examples of leadership theory and methods can be found in the bible. After all, Jesus is the most successful organizational leader in the history of mankind! Ken has a real passion for preparing the next generation of leaders. Helping young leaders become more confident and helping them get the knowledge and support they need to be successful.

Also, Ken talks about all leaders learning to be more adaptive in their leadership roles. Ken believes in the concept of “commanders intent” when it comes to overall leadership philosophy. It’s an idea that comes out of military leadership training. The guiding principle is this, “plan all you want, and it is necessary to plan, but once you hit the ground in the fog of war all plans change”. Therefore, leaders involved in the mission must understand the objective of the mission, the parameters they are allowed to work within to achieve the objective, and most importantly, be prepared to adapt and change the plan to achieve that objective when necessary. Being a leader who is able to adapt to changing conditions is more important than ever in today’s world!

You can reach Ken Cochrum on LinkedIn at:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/kencochrum/

Find out more about East-West and how to support this global ministry at: EastWest.org

Bonus book reference:

Jim and Ken both recommend…

The Master Plan of Evangelism by  Robert E. Coleman available on Amazon.

Podcast Transcript: Episode 106: Leadership – Spiritual & Strategic with Ken Cochrum

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