Episode 105: Branding, Leading New Generations, and Rediscovering God and Love with Kyle Duford

The Today Counts Show is about a lot of things. Leadership, faith, and knowing your purpose, just to name a few. Today’s podcast, with guest Kyle Duford, covers a lot of ground in under an hour. Kyle is President and ECD of The Brand Leader, a branding, strategy, and advertising firm with a national and international footprint. He is also a public speaker and author of the book “Twice Found“.

Branding Strategies with Kyle Duford

Kyle teaches Jim, and all of us, about some of the terminology used in branding. Is your company culture part of your brand? Is marketing the same as advertising? Kyle presents a mental exercise for everyone to prove the power of a well-established brand. Can you imagine what it would look like, or be like if Nike started an airline? As crazy as that example may seem, I’ll bet you can picture it in your mind! Nike has spent decades building their brand image and this exercise proves it works.

Leading New Generations

On the topic of leadership, Jim and Kyle have a lengthy discussion about the importance of adapting to the needs of the changing workforce. Millennials were the first generation to make waves in the business world but Gen Z has really thrown many of the old-school management methods out the window. The interests and needs of Gen Z are simply not the same as previous generations. As a business leader, you still have to run your business and align your team but you may have to take a different road to get there. The bottom line here is that leaders should always be growing.

The Book about Second Chances: Twice Found

In the last segment of today’s show, Kyle shares some of his stories found in his book, “Twice Found“. The subtitle of the book is “Getting a Second Chance at Life, Love, and Understanding God”. It all started after losing his job, a failed marriage, and thoughts of suicide. He took a trip to Maui to clear his head and find “whatever” higher power might be calling him. Almost every person, even complete strangers, that he met in Maui seemed to be pointing him to Jesus. That led him to reflect and realize that his whole life had been full of people doing the same thing. But there is another beautiful twist to this story. You’ll have to listen to the podcast to find out what happened next!

You can find Kyle Duford online at:
https://www.linkedin.com/in/kyleduford/  or…

His book “Twice Found” can be found on Amazon or through ComingBackToGod.com

Podcast Transcript: Episode 105: Branding, Leading New Generations, and Rediscovering God and Love with Kyle Duford

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