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I have always loved personal development but I never understood how to actually master myself until I started my coaching with Lead Today. As a young woman, I’ve been placed in several different positions of leadership. Lead Today has taught me how to take care of my people by understanding the strengths they possess. I have also learned why I do things the way I do, and why I think the way I think. This has helped me delegate in the workplace but I’ve also been able to help entrepreneurs overcome obstacles by understanding their temperaments. Lead Today has also given me vision for the future along with the tools I need and has equipped me to understand human behavior. I am now learning to understand that in business or in the workplace, all of our different temperaments are needed and that they make up the organizations we participate in. This has allowed me to work from my strengths while allowing others to do so as well.
My Lead Today experience has helped me over the past 10 years learn more about myself than any other Leadership class I have taken. It has helped me learn to lead out of my strengths rather than weaknesses. I’m grateful for the mentorship.
We are grateful for Lead Today and Jim Piper who have strengthen our leadership capacity to lead, align and develop systems to more effectively rescue, restore and develop those we help rescue out from the human and sex trafficking underground!
Jim and his team have an innate ability to accelerate the professional development of leaders. He brings new and innovative ideas to organizations fostering organizational learning. His character distinguishes Jim as he operates from a set of high values and ethics, emotional intelligence while creating feelings of succeeding together.
Jim is a friend to leaders. His heart beats to help leaders grow and change their world. He has the passion, the tools and the expertise to help leaders lead more effectively. I highly recommend him and Lead Today to anyone with the passion to be a greater influence in the world they lead.
Lead Today has great insight into the challenges faced by leaders in the corporate world and a desire to come alongside them and encourage them in their role as a leader. They have an uncanny ability to coach, guide and encourage leaders to truly lead by character in the role given to them. They bring several nuggets that leaders can easily grasp onto and put into practice. I have worked with them more than once and would highly recommend them.
I cannot thank Jim Piper and Lead Today enough for the opportunity to go through this leadership training. It is challenging me to the core. This training is helping me refine my focus and direct my energy into practical actions that push me forward in fulfilling the vision God has put on my life. I am so grateful. My only regret is that I wish I would have had the option to have this training earlier in my life.

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