This episode of the Today Counts Show is about something important to all of us…  how to devise and execute a plan for our financial future.  In today’s uncertain economic times, this can be a stressful, difficult task.  To help educate us on this subject Jim welcomes Wes Bridel.  Wes is a financial planner in Austin, Texas, and founder of Kingdom Calling.  At the top of the home page on the website, it says, “The Biblical Pathway To Financial Freedom”. In line with this ethos, the goal is to apply Biblical principles to financial decisions through the “Your Fruitful Tree” program and one-on-one coaching and counseling, emphasizing the importance of biblical-based financial planning.

Listen to today’s podcast and learn about the “4 rules of banks”, Wall Street’s “hoard and hope method” and how these things can work against your financial future.  Learn about the importance of understanding and preparing for the historical cycles of inflation and interest rates.  Get tips like investing in short-term treasury bills directly through

Wes offers a great free mini-course called “7 Biblical Principles to Protect Your Money Even When the Market is Down and Inflation is Up“.  You can contact Wes Bridel and download the free mini-course at

Podcast Transcript: Episode 88: Biblical Based Financial Planning: Wes Bridel

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