In this episode of “The Today Counts Show” Jim introduces us to his friends and colleagues, Matt and Jennifer Martin.  Matt and Jennifer both serve as executive pastors at NorthRock Church in San Antonio Texas.  The subject today is “second chair leadership”.   If this is a term you’re not familiar with don’t worry, by the end of this podcast you’ll have a clear understanding of the definition and the role of a send chair leader!  Jennifer shares a perfect, easy to understand analogy.  On a football team there is only one quarterback on the field (running the offense) but… there are several receivers and running backs on the field executing the plays under the leadership of the quarterback.  Matt reinforces this idea by pointing out that the receivers and running backs are the players who get the ball across the goal line much more often than the quarterback.  The lesson to be learned here is this; know your role on the team, accept it and be all in to support your leader and your team.

Jim, Matt and Jennifer share an honest, educational, fun conversation between friends about their lives and professions.  All are welcome to listen and learn.

Together, we can invest in great leaders. You can make a difference!


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