John Ramsey is Jim Piper’s guest on the show today.  John is the founder and director of Tarrant County Hands of Hope.  Hands of Hope is a homeless outreach ministry that is focused on those living in locations unsuitable for human habitation, whether that be in a vacant structure, a vehicle, or a tent in a remote wooded area. They search for those who are often forgotten and hidden away.  Once they locate an individual, they work to develop a relationship of trust and to provide their basic necessities.  The goal is to get an individual into the system and help them through the process of getting housing assistance and leaving the street.  John shares some great stories with Jim about one on one encounters on the streets and how they have changed people’s lives through their work.  John also tells about the experience that convinced him that Hands of Hope was indeed his ministry and not just an organization helping people.

If you would like to contact John Ramsey or just find out more about Tarrant County Hand of Hope, the website is  Tarrant County Hands of Hope is an approved 501(c)(3) charity that relies on private funding and donations for support.

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