Successful business leader, entrepreneur, public speaker, teacher, author, board member for several non-profit and for profit companies and, most importantly, Dad… all of these titles describe Johnny Sirpilla but none of them come close to describing his life’s journey. The more you hear about events in the life of Johnny Sirpilla, the more understated the title of his book seems to the average person. “Life is Hard But I’ll Be OK” tells a life story that seems too traumatic to be true, yet true it is. Even more amazingly, the journey leads to hope and gratitude!

In this episode, Jim Piper has an in depth conversation with Johnny Sirpilla, founder of Encourage LLC, about some of the highs and lows in his family life as well as discussing Johnny’s belief in a positive, supportive leadership culture. They also talk about faith in the workplace, fathers emotions and refocusing your thinking to find positive meaning. You don’t want to miss a minute of this show!

If you’d like to buy Johnny’s book, “Life Is Hard But I’ll Be OK” or find out more about his company, Encourage, go to

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