If you want to practice better self-leadership, learn about your soul.

YOUR SOUL IS NOT your ghost. It is the real you. It is your command-control center. The more you understand it, the more you will be able to successfully navigate life and leadership.

YOUR SOUL IS where decisions are made. While there is a close relationship between body and soul, the body was made to carry out the desires of the soul.

YOUR BODY IS important. It is where your inner person lives. It provides information through what it senses.

YOUR SOUL is made up of emotions, intellect, and will. These three work together every day. They help you engage in the world around you. Your work, home, relationships, problems, everything.

YOUR EMOTIONS play an important role in your daily life. They send out signals ranging from protests and warnings to happiness and euphoria. Sometimes they get it right and sometimes they get it wrong. That’s where your intellect comes into play.

YOUR INTELLECT is the rational one having the ability to either validate the emotion or talk it through bringing it toward a different and more accurate perspective. Your intellect respects your emotions. They have amazing insights but they cannot influence the soul toward action without validation from your intellect.

YOUR WILL, the ability, and power to act, is waiting for your emotions and intellect to come to an agreement. Once that happens, there is no hesitation. There is aligned power that gets amazing results.

What’s most fascinating to me about God’s creation of the soul is its ability to move at warp speed or as slow as a snail, depending on the situation.

Let’s face it. Some souls are in better shape than others. They are more effective. They are healthier than others. So how do we shape our souls to be healthier?

Well, that’s the topic for next week!


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