I’ve been told repeatedly that I ask tough questions. I like hard. I don’t like easy. Easy is boring. Easy does not grow me. It makes me soft, lazy, and unready for the faithful challenges ahead. So, carrying on from last week, let me ask you: “What is your purpose?”

As you step into the new year, what is your purpose? Perhaps you are walking into a new job or opportunity of some kind. Maybe you are entering a whole new chapter in your life. Or maybe, everything seems as it always has and you can’t quite commit all of you to that one thing.

Knowing your purpose is what creates vision. And without a vision, goals are just what seems convenient and obvious. That’s why too many of us get up in the morning and “just” go to work because that’s how you survive, have a roof over your head and food on your table. This is called the purpose of survival. Boring, too easy. Gag me!

What’s the motivation for purpose? It’s to get better. If we become better people and better leaders, EVERYONE BENEFITS. That gets me up in the morning! For the last 15 years, I have been living with one clear purpose. Beyond loving and caring for and enjoying my family, my purpose is why God put me on this planet.

Over time my clients (who are friends) have given me a professional nickname. I kind of like it. It consists of 5 words: Friend and Advisor to Leaders. It humbles me. I have worked hard on the advising part but I’m a loyal type so the friending part is just who I am. If you live your purpose, it will be recognized. My purpose is Shaping Leaders. What’s yours?

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