In the era of unprecedented comforts and escalating demands, the phrase “Mental Illness” echoes louder than ever. Have you ever pondered the connection between our modern luxuries and the apparent decline in mental resilience? Read along to unravel this thought-provoking journey as we explore the subtle shifts in our lifestyles and their profound impact on our collective mental well-being.

I can do all this through Him who gives me strength
– The Apostle Paul

My sister is an amazing woman. She is also a psychiatric nurse practitioner. Her life’s journey would inspire even those without a detectable pulse but I’ll save that story for another time. I asked her why the phrase “Mental Illness” is now commonplace. It seems to me that it is on the rise or we are simply more aware. Perhaps both could be true?

Mental Illness: A lack of mental resilience?

She paused and pensively confessed that she had been thinking a lot about that question. And then she spilled the beans. “Do you think it’s because we just are not as tough as those who have gone before us?” 

Drop the mic. Think about it.

  • We have more luxuries than ever
  • Our rights are violated if we can’t share in someone else’s success (whatever that means)
  • We are depressed and call a therapist if our team loses (that could be me)
  • We are easily offended
  • We are more divided than ever
  • We continue to long for something better, get it, and then repeat
  • We do not like to be inconvenienced
  • We love to be entertained, if you’re able to rise to our expectations
  • We don’t want to be left out of anything that seems fun 
  • We don’t want to be lacking
  • We attend every game our kids play
  • We expect to see our grandkids whenever we want
  • We expect an immediate cure
  • We don’t know how to do conflict
  • We are poor if we can’t go on a significant vacation
  • We don’t change our oil, wash our car, mow our lawn, wash our windows, or clean our house
  • We certainly don’t try to fix anything. We call a professional

I could go on but you’re probably already offended.

We know mental health is a real concern, but many of us, most of us, might need to reach inside and help our inner child grow up some. Mental Toughness.

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