LOOK UP. My mission is to inspire you to work ON your life and ON your business. I know you work hard IN them but you will do better if you invest time working ON them. Working ON is different from working IN. To do this, you must lift your head so-to-speak. When you are working hard, your head is down. Your vision is directed narrowly. You must pull away from your work. Not just to rest but to consciously exist at a higher level, a different dimension.

PERSPECTIVE. For what purpose? To gain perspective. To evaluate. To think about the soul you want to be while considering the habits you must acquire on a daily basis to become that person. To evaluate your business away from urgent demands. To see what you cannot see when you’re in the trees. Reserve time at higher elevations to see the forest. From there you are able to digest your experiences from among the trees and assimilate them into wisdom as you ready yourself for re-entry.

HEALTHY STUFF. Thinking about your life is not a difficult concept yet many do not practice it. Instead they take time away for fun while indulging in their vices as a way of coping with the day-to-day. Instead of healing, learning, and growing, they grow softer and more addictive to the vicious cycle of living for the weekend. You can begin to break this cycle by adopting one or more of the following strategies:

  1. Block Time. Each week, block an hour or two just to think about your life. Look at your week ahead and organize it around the most important things. 
  2. Write. At the end of each week, write a summary of the past week. This will help you realize new convictions and make healthy changes.
  3. Clean. Life gets cluttered. Too many expenses, too many commitments, too much stuff, too much… consider dedicating a full year to simplify and clean up your life.
  4. Church. How long has it been since you have allowed yourself the benefits of absorbing spiritual concepts and faith building habits?
  5. Serve. There are few things more cleansing than serving a neighbor.
  6. Read. Trade television time for reading time. Your heart rate will improve. Your thinking will improve. Your energy will improve. Your thinking will improve.
  7. Listen. I just started a new podcast “The Today Counts Show”. My content is aimed to remind us that what we think about and do today impacts our tomorrows. Give it a listen.

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