It’s 6am on a chilly winter morning in Colorado. A few of us are sipping coffee in front of the fire or a warm corner in the hotel restaurant. Some are reading and others are working on their laptops.

They call us early birds. You know the phrase. The early bird gets the worm. Have you ever watched a video of a bird pulling that worm out from its seclusion? Fascinating. Not an easy task.

Many achievers start their day by cleaning up the previous day’s undone tasks. If they are Type A achievers, they couldn’t go to bed without all their To-Do’s checked off the list. Some of these may or may not be sitting around me right now. If you look closely, you can see who is after the worm and who is crossing stuff off their list.

Achievers love lists and they live to cross things off the list. Unfortunately, many of these hard-working souls rarely achieve what they want because they never seem to have the time or make the time (Covey’s Quadrant 2) to get after the most important thing – the worm.

Back in the day, as a young executive, my boss was tough. Mr. Pillar was tough and everyone knew it. Yet I am eternally grateful for how Steve Pillar impacted my life. Among the many things he taught me, one of the most profitable was “TACKLE THE HARD THINGS FIRST”. The easy things are like sugar. They taste good and they are addicting but they won’t help you become a world-class anything.

“…..from everyone who has been given much shall much be required……”


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