The secular world would like to destroy the word sin. She likes the phrase “poor decisions”. To sin is certainly a poor decision but not all poor decisions are sin.

Let’s keep it simple. There are three kinds of sin: childish, adolescent, and adult.

Little kids sin but the damage is not usually too severe. They lie, hit, bite, and steal. At first, parents are a little shocked they gave birth to a demon-like child. Once reality sets in, character development becomes the goal. It’s not too hard to forgive a kid.

Adolescents sin too. The sins of teenagers are more tricky because they live on the border of two countries. On one side is childhood and the other, adulthood. Sometimes they sin like a kid and sometimes like an adult. The consequences for each should be different but adults should have the wisdom to see the opportunity for mercy. If there is a category of sin for second chances, this would be it.

Adult sin is shocking. We count on adults to be faithful. We place our marriage, children, teenagers, business, common decency, and laws in the hands of our fellow adult citizens. When we are sinned against, it hurts. It hurts real bad. It’s tragic.

Here’s what you may not realize. Unforgiveness is a sin. It’s an adult sin. If you choose this route, you cause even more damage to yourself and others. Moreover, you are working against the hand of God. We all need to be forgiven not just from Heaven but from one another. 

I’m not going to address the benefits of forgiving or even the how. If you are one of those who embrace your rights over your responsibilities, you won’t get it. Let’s just leave it this way for now: if you do it God’s way, what needs to be corrected will be, what needs to be healed will be, what wrongs need to be addressed will be.

Don’t try to be God, you stink at it. Cooperate with God and watch what he can do in you and through you.

“If you forgive others their trespasses,
your heavenly Father will also forgive you”
– Jesus

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