“On your worst days, wear your best suit, walk with your head held high, show no weakness, and project that nothing has changed.”
Shinzo Abe
Former Prime Minister of Japan

One of my mentors tells of a time he was hired to pastor a church of 1200 people. One year later, the church shrunk to 600. I asked why this happened. His answer was straight to the point. “They didn’t like me.”

At the time of our conversation, he was still serving in the same role at the same church but now had over 5000 attendees. That’s leadership. Even for the most hard working and faithful leader, sometimes you’re a hero and sometimes you’re a zero.

When you’re going through tough times, try to ride it out. Trust God for the long haul. Keep working on the right goals. Keep moving forward.

Finally, don’t be afraid of hard conversations about work, leadership, politics, and religion. We really need people today who will look others in the eye with warmth and meaningful conversation.

Let the media continue on in its stupidity. As far as you and me, let’s work hard on getting to the truth and learning from one another.


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