The “Work-Life Balance” concept has gained widespread attention, but Jim thinks it’s a myth. To Jim, life is about pursuing significance, not just balance. This blog explores the perspective of those who embrace life’s imbalances, achieve greatness, and enjoy their journey, regardless of the pursuit of balance. Let’s debunk the myth of work-life balance together!

There is profit in hard work, but mere talk leads to poverty.
Proverbs 14:23

I’m sure there is a good reason for the phrase “Work-Life Balance” but I fail to see what the fuss is all about. Forgive me HR professionals or perhaps agree with what I am about to say.

Whenever I hear someone say they’re looking for a job that provides a work-life balance, I have an instant reaction of confusion as if the person’s opening statement was “One plus one equals two”. Did they really need to say that? Who doesn’t want to enjoy their life? But never in my life have I worried about having balance. 

The Myth of Work-Life Balance

If I don’t have it, it’s probably because I am pursuing something of greater significance than balance. If I don’t have balance, and I need it, and I can create it, I do just that. Sometimes life throws you a curve ball and you can’t require balance. You work through it. It’s called life. 

I believe human beings are more than capable of deciding how much they should work, rest, and play. The Scriptures provide commands and best practice advice for anyone willing to crack open the Good Book.

With that said, nothing significant is accomplished without a lopsided effort. There are seasons in our lives that require more commitment than at other times. They require sacrifice. They require genuine effort beyond balance.

There really isn’t an imbalance difference between an achiever and a dreamer. An achiever often works without balance to do something amazing. The dreamer goes without balance by dreaming and talking but never doing.

While some create postmodern anxiety of fighting for work-life balance, let’s be the ones who get some amazing stuff done and then charge admission to the rest who would like to admire our creations, while we are out of balance, enjoying our vacations!

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