It’s important to understand the origin and significance of the popular phrase, “The early bird catches the worm.” A metaphor for success has been around for centuries and has used this phrase. Now, we will explore the importance of tackling the hard things first and how it can impact your life positively. Join us as we delve deeper into the world of achievers and learn how to catch that worm.

As the sun has yet to rise at 6 AM on this chilly winter morning in Colorado, a few of us have already gathered to start our day. Some are savoring the warmth of their coffee while others are seeking refuge in a cozy corner of the hotel restaurant. Despite the early hour, there are those who have already immersed themselves in a good book, while others are diligently working on their laptops.

They call us early birds.

They call us early birds, which refers to the well-known phrase “The early bird catches the worm”. However, have you ever actually taken the time to watch a video of a bird pulling a worm out from its hiding spot? It’s truly a fascinating sight, but also not an easy task.

Many achievers start their day by cleaning up the previous day’s undone tasks.

If they are Type A achievers, they could not go to bed without all their To-Do’s checked off the list. Some of these individuals may or may not be sitting around me right now. By observing closely, one can determine who is after the worm and who is crossing stuff off their list.

Achievers love lists and they live to cross things off the list.

Despite their love for lists and checking off tasks, many hard-working achievers often struggle to achieve what they truly desire. This is because they fail to make time for the most important thing, the worm, amidst their busy schedules and the multitude of tasks on their lists. As Covey’s Quadrant 2 describes, this can be a significant challenge for them.


In the past, when I was a young executive, I had a tough boss named Mr. Pillar who was known for his strictness. Nevertheless, I am grateful for the significant impact he had on my life. Specifically, one of the many valuable lessons he taught me was to “TACKLE THE HARD THINGS FIRST”. Although the easy things may be tempting, they are like sugar – addictive but not beneficial for becoming a world-class achiever.

“…..from everyone who has been given much shall much be required……”

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