Last night, I finished up a podcast recording with Erin Porteous, the CEO of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Metro Denver serving thousands of children across the city. While we touched on a variety of topics, I was most impacted by four values she holds dearly:

Hard Work     Humble     Humor     Honest

We didn’t get a chance for her to define each of these but for the most part, they speak for themselves. Let me share with you why I love this set of core values.
  1. Less is More. Just like goals, the greater the focus the better return. We all have dozens of values. That’s why this work is so important. We need to elevate a set of values that have the ability to cascade over many good ideas.
  2. Easy to Remember. The small number of values aids our memory but so does the iteration of the letter H at the beginning of each value. Sometimes we can get too cute trying to accomplish this and miss the heart of it. In this case, that’s not the case. Erin nails it!
  3. Culture Shaping. This set of values has the ability to shape a positive and differentiating culture. If used in the hiring process and reinforced daily and at all levels of the organization, you will have a culture that weeds out anything contrary.
The experienced and best leaders know their work is about shaping culture over all other good activities. As Peter Drucker said, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast every morning”.

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