He who guards his mouth preserves his life,
but he who opens wide his lips shall have destruction.
Proverbs 13:3

Julian Treasure is a well-known international speaker on sound and communication skills. Among many other topics, he shares the Seven Deadly Sins of Speaking:

  • Gossip: Most gossip is misleading or worse. Don’t participate.
  • Judging: Judging closes doors. When Lincoln disliked a person, he chose to get to know him better. This habit proved to be more profitable.
  • Negativity: The world is looking for solutions, not people who simply curse the darkness. Negativity is a fixed mindset. It almost takes a miracle to heal.
  • Complaining: Cowards complain because they are always speaking away from the problem. They believe the problem is always out there somewhere and never within their own abilities to make a difference.
  • Excuses: Owning your failures and growing from them draws people to you. Making excuses causes people to turn their backs on you.
  • Exaggeration: There is a big difference between hyperbole and exaggeration. Hyperbole is obvious to the listener adding color or humor. Exaggeration is lying.
  • Dogmatism: The smartest guy in the room is not admired. The wise person, who know matter how convinced they are on a particular subject, will always blend sincere humility within her comments.
Committing any of these sins depreciates your value as a reliable source of information, character, and contributor. Take an honest inventory of these and begin making changes today!

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