Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed and unprepared, constantly playing catch-up with your tasks and schedule? Even the most organized among us can fall into this trap. But fear not! Jim has a solution: building playbooks. In this article, he shares his personal experience and how building personal and professional playbooks has transformed his life. With the power to regain focus, eliminate tasks, and reorganize your life in a positive direction, playbooks can be a lifesaver. So if you’re curious to learn how to build and use a playbook, read on. It’s not easy work, but it works.

We cannot change what we are not willing to acknowledge

Even the most organized and strategic among us fall into seasons of chaos where we seem unable to focus, anxiety is high, task lists seem endless, and our schedule is like a runaway freight train.

Fortunately, I’ve put some hard work into building two playbooks. My personal and professional playbooks have the power to help me regain focus, lower my anxiety, eliminate the majority of pesky tasks, and reorganize my calendar into a purposeful and positive direction. Otherwise, I would be another victim showing up to work, meetings, and gatherings unprepared, unsettled, and not fully present. Like many, I would become a trainwreck, overpromising, and under-delivering.

So I started building playbooks.

In my late twenties, while I was on a quest to get the right things done, I started building personal and professional playbooks. Prior, I got a lot of things done but I was not convinced I was getting the most important things done. I was not convinced I was becoming the kind of person I wanted to be. Stephen Covey’s work got me off to a great start. Though I do not follow his system to the letter, he inspired me to create my own and that’s what I did.

I was and am a Type A personality. Naturally, I am an achiever and I like to win. Those attributes are not bad unless they are untrained and allowed to run on adrenaline and wits instead of strategy and discipline. My faith is central to my work because I believe God made each of us on purpose and for a purpose. We find our purpose through a faith relationship with our Creator, an awareness and appreciation of our temperament and experiences (good, bad, ugly), all the while forming our convictions. Convictions shape values, and values guide you on your way to living and fulfilling your purpose.

If you’re interested, I can show you how to build and use a playbook. It’s not easy work but it can be a lifesaver! It’s not easy but it works.

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