“If you start doing what you’re supposed to do,
you won’t have time to do what you shouldn’t be doing.”
Jonathan Moore

These three habits create an advantage. They fill you. They empower you. They make you better. When you get better as a leader, EVERYONE benefits.

  • Reading. If you didn’t read last week’s Monday Moment, go back and read it. It’s important. If you can’t find it, let us know and we will resend it to you.
  • Prayer. I have identified “Pray” as one of my five professional core values. What is a professional core value? It is something I commit myself to practice once I walk out the door of my home (virtually or physically). My definition of this value is as follows: “I partner with God in every moment of life enjoying his presence, help, and guidance.” I believe a relationship with my creator does not start nor end inside the stained glass windows of the church. As I walk throughout the day, we speak as a man speaks to his friend. That’s the spirit of it. I have no hesitation confessing to you that I NEED him in my life every moment. I ask for his help before I walk into a meeting. I ask for insight, wisdom, and courage to be the person I need to be as I serve others.
  • Writing. I write, not because I am a good writer. I write, not because I enjoy it. I write because it makes me more exact and effective. It causes me to think deeper, higher, longer, wider. I write because it slows me down. I’m a Type A Personality. Slowing down, in my case, is a good thing. I have a written playbook because it keeps me focussed on the most important priorities. It requires work but it pays big dividends.
Consider these three: reading, praying, and writing. How are you incorporating these into your life and leadership?

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