You need a clear picture of your desired outcome (WHAT) before you can create and obsess over the process (HOW). You must be confident your process leads to your outcome. Make no mistake. A clear outcome is the starting point. Stephen Covey reminded us to “Keep the End in Mind”. To start, you begin with the end, the outcome, the goal, the vision.

Then you create the mission which is a broad statement of WHAT and HOW. The obsession continues with strategy, goals, and steps or habits. If your outcome is clear, you’re in good shape because you can always make changes to the strategy. Why? The strategy serves the vision. The strategy is not the goal. It is not the organization. It is the servant to the vision. If your strategy is not working, fix it. You have the strength to do this if your desired OUTCOME is truly your chief aim.

In regard to a desired outcome or chief aim, I’m encouraged when a person or an organization can clearly identify that One Thing. Leadership experts have been shouting from the streets for years: “Too many goals = Zero Goals”. You won’t be successful trying to create a strategy that accomplishes a host of goals.

If I were to ask you “What is your Chief Aim?”. How would you answer? If you have it locked and loaded, you will describe one clear and invigorating outcome. When you have that kind of focus, you are ready to align all your resources to that end. Until you do, you will always be busy herding cats.

-A double-minded person is unstable and should not expect to attain what is desired-


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