We’ve all heard, “Keep your eye on the prize”. I think that’s good because it causes me to examine my daily habits to see if they align with my goal. Afterall, many of us get into ruts of behavior with our heads down, rarely looking up to see where we are heading.

Visualizing where you want to go and creating a cadence of strategic steps to get there is fundamental toward goal achievement. But it is not enough.

Goal achievers know and practice 2 KEY DIFFERENCE MAKERS:

  1. They Focus on ONE Goal at a time. They do not have a list of the five things they want to achieve. They may have them but they don’t write them down or talk about them. They write down and talk about everything pertaining to the ONE GOAL.
  2. They ENJOY the process MORE than the achievement of the goal itself. They make small promises toward the goal EVERY DAY and they keep them. This creates confidence, momentum, and strength. Achieving is discovered in the daily grind, not on the podium. The gold medal is simply the outcome of daily training. It’s the right goal selection that creates the best training plan. It’s the training… not the goal that changes your life!
It has taken many years for me to understand
how to achieve the right goals the right way.

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