In a world divided by differences, it’s time to break down the walls that separate us. Discover the key to unity and effective leadership; learn both sides of the argument. Read on to unlock the secrets of informed opinions and broaden your influence.

Maybe I am wrong but it feels like our world is more divided than at any other time in my life. It seems the line that is being drawn between conservatives and liberals, religious and non-religious, one generation and the next, one nation and another, is more like the walls of Jericho than an imaginary line. 


Archeologists have uncovered a couple of interesting facts about Jerico’s wall. It appears there were two walls. One was built on top of a retaining structure due to a steep embankment. This means the outer wall might have been over twenty feet high. The second wall, located on higher ground provided additional protection from enemies and must have presented itself just as daunting. These walls were used for military purposes. To protect the people of the city and its natural resources.

What Will It Take?

The biblical account of Jericho comes down to this fact: the walls would not come down easily. It would require a mighty force like never seen before. It would take an act of God. A miracle would be recquired to bring down the walls. Isn’t that how it feels today? It will take an act of God for our nation to unite. To disagree but find solutions outside of civil war. 

If I have learned anything about leadership, I’ve come to realize it’s much more challenging than what we read in books, hear from the podium, and by keeping track of wins and losses. Winning does not necessarily mean what you think it does. Nor does losing. 

Consider the negative energy that comes from insecurity and fear. Is it not the reason why we build walls? Walls (boundaries, borders, locks, gates, firewalls, accounting) are still required to protect us now as in the past but if your objective is to at least install gates, bridges, and doors of access, how should you go about it? Learn both sides of the argument.


  1. Learn. You will learn something. Learning makes you more empathetic. It installs humility. It will teach you in ways your fortified city cannot.
  2. Accurate. You’ll remove your own ignorance. You will think and speak with more accuracy. When you learn both sides of the story, you have more knowledge, and your words, tone, and pace will radiate more wisdom.
  3. Confidence. You will establish more confidence in your position. Your view on the issue will probably adjust. Your approach will definitely adjust. The result will be a more secure, informed, and thought-out opinion. More respected too.
  4. Influence. You will be able to connect to a broader audience because you can speak the same language and address the same issues – even if you come from a different perspective.

Have you noticed how some people only live in their own camps of like-minded people and opinions? Have you noticed how some people only listen to one point of view? Certainly, we will be more comfortable and feel more at home. But if we learn both sides of the story on any issue, we will bring leader-like value to more. Let’s face it. Sometimes war is necessary but the best leaders know how to avoid it while still shaping and holding on to their own beliefs.

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