It’s interesting how easy it is to become a judge of others’ behaviors while being a defense attorney of our own. A friend recently shared the following concept with me and I thought it might be of help to our Lead Today Community:

Created by John Morgan

As you can see, the image illustrates the decline of a relationship. It starts with Honor. We smile, respect, defend, and we do it all publicly and privately.  Honor declines when we allow ourselves to devalue another person and their position as their shine wears off. That’s when we allow our experience of their humanity to be the excuse we use to be sloppy in mind and behavior toward them.

Being familiar with another’s weaknesses should not cause us to dishonor but to remind us of our own weaknesses and shortcomings. Frankly, when we are not humbled by our own junk, we look and sound more like a child saying, “Well, daddy does it!” to justify ourselves.

Familiarity is bound to happen in our relationships. And when it does, it should serve as your warning to immediately turn around (repent) and hike back up to the disciplines and behaviors associated with honor. If you don’t, you will continue the downward and destructive spiral into contempt, dishonor, and division. There will be no turning back if you enter into the valley of contempt. You will cause damage to yourself, others, and the organization. You will have no one else to blame but yourself.

All organizations are made up of people. Beautiful yet flawed. We make our organizations healthier by creating cultures of character that redirect and realign our individual flaws back into the flow of honor and respect. If you want to be a professional, a person of influence, a good soul, be a person of honor.

It doesn’t mean you look the other way if there is wrongdoing but there is always an honorable way to do it. Always.

Don’t be a destroyer; BE A BUILDER!


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