In a world where deceit and hypocrisy often prevail, the importance of honesty and conscience cannot be overstated. Today’s blog delves into the profound relationship between honesty and conscience, highlighting how these invaluable tools can guide our choices and behaviors. So, read today’s blog and choose today to illuminate your path to a brighter and more truthful life.

…some will depart from the faith… through the hypocrisy of liars whose consciences are seared.

1 Timothy 4.1-2

Life & Leadership Lesson: Honesty and accuracy are twins. Together, they build trust and the opportunity to evaluate, adjust, and grow.

Unfortunately, we experience the opposite much of the time. A person shades the truth for a variety of reasons. Furthermore, they do it again and again. On the foundation of insecurity, a person markets falsehood as truth in order to improve their position in a given situation. 

Insecurity Leads to Dishonesty

Sooner or later, the truth finds its way to the surface. In the light of day, there are no more shadows or shades to interpret. The truth has been revealed and the liar exposed. Sooner or later.

Learning Honesty: Using Conscience as a Tool

God has given all people a conscience. It is a tool for self-evaluation and decision-making. When we use it properly, we are able to course correct, eat humble pie, and live for another day. When we ignore it and chain it up with dark rationalizations, we lose it and we lose ourselves. At that point, we can no longer discern truth from fiction and our darkness grows darker.

There is good news… choose today to live in the light and experience the fog roll away.

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