GOD is BIG ENOUGH to be SMALL ENOUGH to CARE about YOU. Dear leader, don’t delete this message thinking it is soft and does not apply to your real-life situation. Keep reading.

The subject of God is relevant for business, education, government, and any sector. God provides meaning, insight, skill, and power. We cannot even imagine how BIG God must be. I’m not even sure BIG is a proper term of measurement for God. Scripture tells us God is Spirit.

In fact, God is so big he has the ability to get real small and sit and chat with you. You need more faith, we all do. Religious faith is not authentic faith unless it translates into our daily lives. Some of the best business leaders I know around this country have what I call a God Consciousness (GC). These are men and women who believe the person and power of God is:

  • With them (God is with me)

  • Helping them (God is helping me)

  • Guiding them (God is guiding me)

This is a present tense faith cultivating a real-time relationship with the creator. Sounds crazy to you? What if it were true that God is ready, willing, and desiring to partner with you but you’re not paying attention?

Have you ever tried to help someone who just seemed to be unhelpable (if that’s a word)? DON’T BE THAT PERSON!

– You have not because you ask not. –


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