Last Monday we looked at the inner workings of the soul. Fascinating. By understanding how the soul functions, we are better able to transform how we process information, make decisions, and act with boldness and confidence.

As you are consciously aware of your emotions, rationale, and behaviors, you will lead yourself and others more effectively. Soul health is vitally important for all of us. You create a healthy soul by being intentional. Let’s call it Soul Shaping.

Here’s how to begin:

1. Margin. Margin represents the time and space you create for rest, healing, and growth. Your soul cannot afford living at the mercy of your calendar’s demands. Instead, you need to engage your soul (emotions, intellect, and will-power) into your calendar creating essential margins.

2. Mapping. Mapping is about deep evaluation and planning. It happens within your margins. This is time set aside for reflecting, checking your compass or vital signs. At Lead Today, we call this Playbook Construction.

My greatest concern for leaders today is the discipline required to work on important matters that are not urgent. Covey called this Quadrant 2 (Important but Non-Urgent). Things like relationships, spiritual development, exercise, planning, deep dives in general). Most of us work from and are controlled by Quadrant 1 (Important and Urgent). The problem with Q1 is that it never shuts off. It is always demanding and has no idea you are human. Mapping or Playbook Construction is the science and discipline of making decisions ahead of time so that the fire alarms do not rule the day.

A person of understanding is of a calm spirit
Proverbs 17:27b


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