Are you an achiever seeking greater success and fulfillment? Discover the game-changing approach that sets you apart from the rest. Say goodbye to never-ending to-do lists and embrace a strategy that brings clarity, focus, and purpose to your endeavors. For productivity wisdom for achievers, read on to unlock your true potential and achieve what truly matters.

Look carefully then how you walk, not as unwise but as wise.

Achievers are wired differently. Most of them use to-do lists. Lists are helpful if you’re going shopping and you don’t want to forget certain items. Nothing is helpful if you go grocery shopping when you’re hungry, list or no list. You’ll spend twice the money because everything looks so good! 

Productivity Wisdom for Achievers

Generally, I do not recommend to-do lists for achievers. Why? Achievers typically have a high response trait. What is a high response rate? On the positive side, people with a high response rate get crap done and get it done fast. They don’t like disorganization, loose ends, unread emails, pending items, and broken promises. They work fast.

On the not-so-positive front, they tend to be tactical more than strategic. They are often busy but not always moving toward the most important milestones and projects. They mean to get to them but they are too busy taking a machete to everything jumping in front of them. In other words, they get stuff done that does not need to be done at the expense of the most important. 

To make matters worse, sooner or later, we get overwhelmed. We say yes to almost anything so our truck gets weighed down with STUFF and we lose our sense of joy. 

Wisdom: The Path to Achieving What Truly Matters

I’m a recovering achiever. Don’t get me wrong, I still achieve and I want to achieve. I want to achieve what is most important. To do that, I do less. I reduce. I reduce my busyness. To do that, I eliminated, for the most part, my to-do list. Instead, I live by a playbook and a calendar. 

My playbook includes my life’s vision and values. Every week, month, and year, I consider the most important things I need to do moving me forward toward my vision and values. I then block time on my calendar for these things. Everything else that clamors for my attention has to fight for what’s left of my affections and time.

Life is too short to chase what doesn’t matter. God put us here on purpose. Let’s chase that purpose!

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