Some say they have to go to work. Others say they get to go to work. Some meet a problem with fear and angst. Others meet a problem like David faced Goliath. How can two people facing the same situation respond so differently?

Some of it is a predisposition but most of it comes from the cultivation of gratitude and a sense of mission. Finding the good in your life is a daily commitment. It’s what achievers do. Achievers are training everyday. They are training their whole person – body and soul.

Cultivating gratitude or mining for Good is a daily habit that promotes health and generates positive and purposeful energy. If you’re lacking joy, direction, and energy, start mining for the good in life. Many run out of steam. They run out of hope.

No one enjoys it when bad things happen. But there’s always something good to embrace. This is not a cliche, it’s a choice. I dare you to start mining for good. Notice the good. Say it out loud. Write it down. Tell others about it. Watch what happens.

You’ll have more positive energy. You will move more than you are moving today. You will begin to think about goals again. You will begin to re-discover your mission. You’ll be living on purpose!


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