No matter who you are and what you do, you need to FILL UP. When a leader gets better, everyone benefits! You can’t get better if you’re not filling up with good stuff!

Pay attention to what’s filling you! Water is good in many contexts but not in your car’s fuel tank! What are you allowing in your tank that doesn’t serve you?

Many aspects of leadership are demanding… Draining. So, you need to constantly fill yourself with good fuel: good mentors, books, coaching, nutrition, exercise, rest, laughter, friendships. Be careful. When you are tired (what I call red-lining), you’ll be tempted to reach for what’s convenient: addictions, gossip, negative people, fear, junk food, stimulants, and short-cuts.

Make a change. Identify one poor fuel choice and replace it with one healthy choice. Trust the process. You probably won’t notice a difference right away.

Remember this: it’s the small habits that make the most significant changes in your life, good or bad. It’s true because LITTLE changes are not noticed day-to-day but certainly year-to-year. But by then, IT becomes either a deep pit difficult to get out of or a mountain of strength. People will say, “She became an overnight success!” But you know better. It’s step-by-step, not leap-by-leap.

Committed and persistent work pays off; get-rich-quick schemes are ripoffs.
Proverbs 28:20 – MSG


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