You make decisions every day. You provide direction and feedback to your team. Your family needs your support and encouragement. You have financial matters to consider and plans for the future. You have neighbors and friends who could use a quick hello or a personal visit. You’re on the run and you’re doing the best you can.

If you make good decisions, they add time to your life. You’ve heard the phrase “measure twice, cut once”. Good decisions add time; poor decisions lose time because you have to spend time redeeming regrettable choices. The decisions you make today create your tomorrows. 

I have learned a valuable lesson about making good decisions. I have learned practical wisdom through the mistakes of my strength. I am an activator. Simply put, I move fast and get things done. I’m a starter but I am also very strategic in my thinking. Sometimes these are at odds and have caused me angst.

The path to better decision making is paved with better questions.

Here are five examples of better questions:

  • What decision do I need to make before I walk into the room where a decision will be desired? (making certain decisions ahead of time will save you from making bad decisions under pressure)
  • What kind of person and leader will I be today and what behaviors will I practice? (imagine and rehearse these behaviors in your mind)
  • If only one thing gets done today, what will it be and what must I do to see it happen? (effective leaders will not allow fire alarms to derail the achievement of mission critical objectives)
  • How might I feel about this decision tomorrow, next week, next year? (the longer term you think, the better decisions you will make)
  • Is this the best use of my time? Is this in the best interest of my organization? (what got you here will not get you there)

Every prudent person considers knowledge
Proverbs 13:16a


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