In life, we often come across individuals who inspire us with their remarkable qualities and positive outlook. One such person is Dale South, a truly interesting human being. Known for his unwavering positivity, encouragement, diligence, passion, loyalty, and gratitude, Dale South left a lasting impact on those who had the privilege of knowing him. In this article, we will delve into the exceptional qualities that made Dale South remarkable, and together, let’s learn how to be likable from his example.

Some people have to work at it. Some don’t. If you’re one of those who have to work at it, look to someone you admire. Look to someone who has grown beyond their temperament into a truly interesting, likable human being. I know of someone like that. So let me use a few paragraphs to describe this person.

Admirable and Likable Qualities

He is positive.

I cannot find anyone who knows him that would disagree with me. Even if things didn’t turn out the way he wanted, he had an “ole shucks” kind of response. Then he would get right back at it. Positive people usually carry a wheel barrel full of laughter. He is no exception. Positivity and laughter live in the same house.

He is an encourager.

Of course, he is. Who is positive, has a great laugh, and does not encourage? Exactly. No one. Even when I messed up or lost something I wanted to win, he would find a way to acknowledge the fact but then point me to the next opportunity. That’s what encouragers do.

He is diligent.

You will be hard-pressed to find anyone who works as thoroughly and as thoughtful. He is an artist of sorts. Furthermore, he does not believe in shortcuts or “good enough” but in excellence. He takes care of everything. A master steward.

He is passionate.

Passionate about his sons, his wife, his grandchildren, his family, his friends, and anyone he could help along the way. He is also passionate about sports. He is passionate about music. Undeniably, he is passionate about life.

He is loyal.

Love is painful and causes some to quit. Not him. No way. Even in disappointment, he is present. If he calls you a friend, you are a friend. No games. No manipulation. 

He is grateful.

Even in his final months of life, he was grateful for his blessings. If you knew his full story, you’d be even more impressed. His family of origin, his illness, his liver transplant, the burden he carried as a father, and of course, his final battle.

Was he perfect?

Of course not. That would be boring and it would tarnish the reality of the opportunity for good men to become great. Dale South stepped into eternity on May 27, 2023. He was seventy years old.

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