There is a wave of bad coaching in our current culture promoting personal organization to the point of arrogance and isolation. Independence and autonomy has taken on a new and ugly face. It says I will respond to you when and if I want to.

Mark these words: Responsiveness will make a comeback as a highly valued interpersonal quality and skill.

Personal organization, time management, prioritization, goal pursuit, whatever you want to call it should never be elevated above common courtesy, respect for others, and professionalism. Moreover, one without the other makes the leader ineffective. One who elevates self-importance above service will lose respect and influence.

Responsiveness is a 360 degree discipline. Your circle of influence deserves your best. Your boss, team members, and direct reports. And don’t forget your friends and family! Your cadence of response tells people where they fit in your universe. It becomes your identity. Figure it out and get better.


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