Join us on an extraordinary journey of self-discovery and alignment as we unlock the secrets to aligning the most critical aspects of your life: Your Person, Your People, and Your Place. Through this insightful article, you’ll encounter practical wisdom and profound insights designed to guide you toward a more meaningful and impactful existence. Are you ready to unravel the mysteries of alignment? Let’s embark on this transformative adventure together!


Every leader will live out their purpose by aligning the three essentials of life. This is what working on your life looks like.

Essential #1: Your Person.

The first essential is you. Your person. This involves answering the key questions of life. How did I get here? Why am I here? Where will I go when I die? Essentially, these questions seek the answer to purpose.

How you answer the question of origin sets the path for the next two questions. If you believe you were created, there must be a reason. If you evolved, that’s a dead end. 

You were created by God’s willful act. You were created for Him. He created you for His own purposes. Faith and fellowship with him is the overarching purpose. Your mission on earth is your opportunity to be part of the story He is writing.

When you die, the story continues. It is not over. Nor is it boring. It is dynamic. Our current condition cannot even conceive of the possibilities that await us.

I have done the work to articulate my purpose and mission here on earth. It provides me with clarity and power to say yes to the right things and no to other things. It provides energy, hope, and vision.

Essential #2: Your People.

The subject of People brings out some of our best and worst emotions. Love is a powerful force. Love and pain seem to live together under the same roof. We cannot escape it.

Aligning your person to your people is how you get perspective. It’s where you gather enough love to get past the pain. The values you intentionally develop in your personhood overflow into the lives of others. Your focus is less on what you get out of relationships but on what you provide.

If you are not working harder on yourself than you are evaluating others, you will never have the power you need to truly be present in the lives of others.

For starters, you must embrace some basic realities.

You have a limited capacity. You cannot be everything to everyone. Everyone has a story. Everyone is dealing with something you probably don’t know about. Your job is not to change anyone. Every person is their own soul. But you can be a positive difference-maker in the lives of others if you do these things:

  • Work on yourself 10X more than evaluating, coaching, and correcting others. Without the motive of manipulation, share with others what you are learning and where you need to grow.
  • Choose your people. You have a limited capacity to be a present force in the lives of others. Choose carefully. And beware that we often look past those right in front of us. Do not assume you have consciously and spiritually chosen your loved ones. When was the last time you said to yourself or to your loved one, “I choose you”? If I were to ask you to name your people, could you?
  • Trust God for the long haul. Do not let hurt feelings stop you from being a positive presence in the lives of those you have chosen as your people. Let love bring healing to all wounds. And never underestimate the power of prayer, even if the answers come after your death.

Essential #3: Your Place.

Your work, your season of life: Your place is where you are. It’s what you are going through. Are you in a season of flourishing, struggle, and suffering

If you’ve been working on your person while investing in your most important relationships, the overflow of these provides what you need for wherever you find yourself. Aligning yourself to purpose while investing yourself in relationships empowers you to take on the world. You and all your relationships have prepared you for this day.

A healthy and aligned you does this:

  • Name your place. Call it out. When you can identify your season in life, your hill to climb, your opportunity, your struggle, you take the upper hand, even if you know this is your last season on earth.
  • Your place does not shape you as much as you influence it. That’s because you’ve been putting in the hard work. You are working on you. You are growing. Your relationships are meaningful. You have chosen some for better or for worse. These have shaped you and these have prepared you for your place in this world.

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