We’re no longer committed to growing

The fourth reason we don’t achieve our goals is the myopic tendencies of our decisions and behaviors. We simply do not realize the long term effects of our actions or lack of, especially those related to learning and growing. How do we get better than we are today without more knowledge and application?

The pragmatics of life and business can crowd one’s schedule to such an extent, personal and organizational growth is stunted. Even more, mental and spiritual stagnancy is toxic and cancerous to one’s future.

Goal achievers are courageous because they are also wise. As the saying goes, they measure twice and cut once. They are not perfectionist as much as they are selective. To be selective, one must be exposed to choices and the knowledge of these derive from a learning posture. They systemically transform toward confidence and humility as learning becomes a core value.

It is no secret that successful people are not those who have won but those who keep winning. And one thing we hear about these winners is their dedication to practice or for the knowledge worker – reading. They have an insatiable hunger for knowledge. Many know this to be true of top achievers yet they continue to practice otherwise. They are addicted to the sugary taste of tyranny of the urgent. They are adrenaline junkies raising the flag of busyness instead of effectiveness.

Healthy people and organizations are first and foremost learners. They have a posture of curiosity and appreciation for knowledge and coaching. They are performers and professionals while never ceasing to be students.

All of this reminds me of the time I joined a track team. Running is running; who needs help with that? My first challenge was the mile. As I bolted off the line, I was amazed at my natural and superior athleticism. Not long after, I was bewildered with the number of runners who passed me like I was standing still. I then became a student.

Unfortunately, many are not achieving their goals and even worse, no longer caring. Instead of learning how to achieve goals, we just keep running the way we have for years and with the same poor results.

My goal here is not to beat you up. God himself knows we don’t need any help there. We all do self-hating too well. But I do want more joy, happiness, and health for every reader or listener to my various forms of coaching.

What I want for you is realization and action. Realization that you’re probably not taking care of the golden goose – you. Somehow you have come to believe you are too busy to read, too important to take a class, or you don’t have the money to invest in coaching. Do you realize what you’re believing? You’re believing that you don’t matter and your life is not worth investing.

When you invest in you, things change. When you invest in you, your team will change, when you invest in you, everything changes.

I don’t mow my yard or wash my car every week. It has to do with the best way to invest my time. However, I still do both from time-to-time. I do it because it’s good exercise and for another reason. I’ve noticed the things and people I invest in most, I also appreciate more. After yard work or cleaning the car, I tend to appreciate both more while also feeling that concrete sense of accomplishment. In the same way, you need to invest time, energy, and money into you.

To use different words, the 4th reason we don’t achieve our goals is because we forgot the power that comes from investing. Investing in your most important asset… God created you on purpose and for a purpose. Invest in both! Push yourself to be better.


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