If there were no problems to solve, no one needing help, and perpetual justice – there would be no need for moral and effective leadership.

That’s not our world. We need leadership that solves problems, works for the good of all, and is willing to personally sacrifice because that’s what it takes. Phil Eastman, a friend and leadership consultant defines moral and effective leadership this way:

“Leadership is the ability to move a group of people through non-coercive means to an end that is in the long-term best interest of everyone.”

I highlighted four key words: ability, non-coercive, end, and long-term.

Ability has to do with the on-going skill and work of communicating a compelling vision and keeping everyone focused on how their work contributes to its success.

Non-coercive describes the spirit of volunteerism. The leader leads from a sense of calling and the team members engage willingly, not by force or manipulation.

End refers to the term or goal for which the vision describes. This lasts a season, a year, a decade, or a lifetime.

Long-term implies short-term sacrifices are made by all, from time-to-time. A long-term vision is never accomplished without short-term sacrifices.

This September (2019) we will be gathering in the Denver area to celebrate such leadership. We will be honoring young people, non-profit leaders, and business leaders who model these ideals. I’m sure they’re not perfect people but they are the kind that need our recognition and support.

You have an opportunity to participate! You might be able to attend, sponsor an award, or even nominate a well-deserving person. Take the time to click the following link to learn more.


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